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    Vital Connections – Step #3

    January 28, 2015
    Note from Danita:  This is the last in a three part series about being part of a girls’ group — even if you need to start it yourself.  In Part 1, I explain the importance of being part of a group of women.  In Part 2, I outlined the process my friend Jen and I used to start ours.  Feel free to go back and read those if you haven’t already.  Go ahead.  I’ll wait. This post describes our first dinner together as a group and a bit more of why this connection is vital in my  life.

    Step 3 — The First Gathering

    We chose the 2nd Tuesday of November 2012 for our first evening together. I hosted. After all, the whole thing was my idea, so I should kick it off. Six of eight of us were able to attend that first night.

    True confession: I probably  definitely overdid the setting of the table. I was in the process of starting this blog. Since I write about conversations around a dinner table, I saw a great opportunity to have Jen take pictures of the table for me to use on this site. I’ve since changed my heading, but for the first two years, I used the picture below — our table at the inaugural Girls’ Night.


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